About Us


Your membership at the ABF is a loud statement for solidarity amongst all football players.
Maybe you don't need the help of the ABF today, but your membership helps to assure that football players in Bulgaria have a powerful representative, which improves the working conditions for all football players.

  • ABF is the sole representative organization for professional football players in Bulgaria;
  • ABF provides equal rights and benefits for all its members;
  • ABF is the organisations, based on the principles of equality and solidarity;
  • ABF was the initiator of the creation of the first collective bargaining agreement between the ABF, the Federation and the League, in Bulgarian football, . This determines the minimum salary for football players, the compulsory insurances, periods of leave and holidays, and other important parameters of the labour relationship with the club;
  • ABF ensures that any changes in the regulations are in unison with the rights of the football players;
  • ABF assists its unemployed members to find new clubs;
  • ABF ensures a balance between the labour legislation and the specific characteristics of football as a sport;
  • ABF makes no distinction on the basis of nationality, religion, political convictions or gender. ABF is against all forms of racism and violence.;