InStat - partner of ABF


28 Октомври 2021


InStat is a world leader in the analysis of sports achievements and cooperates with more than 2,000 professional sports organizations, including football clubs such as (Bayern Munich, Lazio, Manchester City, PSG, champions in La Liga and many others), French, Dutch, Brazilian national teams and media. This list includes the winners of the Champions League and the winners of the World Cup.

We analyze over 2,000 matches per week. InStat specialists register every action: goals, passes, won single combats, attacking passes, participation in attacks to score a goal dribble, etc. A special algorithm calculates all actions and creates the InStat Index. All numbers are interactive - with one click you can watch a video or create a playlist. Statistics, video, individual reports and profiles help players evaluate their own performance objectively. They can analyze the episodes in which they participated and take steps to improve their game.

  • Individual reports after each match. The numbers will show what the player has been good at, how active he has been and what his areas of improvement are.
  • Summary reports covering all matches played and reflecting progress.
  • Video summaries of actions: dribble, single combat, chances and many other parameters. It will take about 10 minutes to watch the playlist.
  • The whole match. There is no need to search for the match on the Internet or wait for the coach to send it to you, just log in to InStat Scout.
  • Share a video. Submit matches, highlights or personal playlists with the actions of each player in the platform.
  • Analyze the chart of passes and see where they fell and how difficult they were for the goalkeeper.
  • Compare yourself with the best players, colleagues or teammates in the world.
  • Constantly updated InStat Index. This unique parameter calculates the player's rating based on his actions, his contribution to the team's success and the opponent's level.

Many players have improved their skills after starting to use InStat. This is a useful tool that helps to take the player's performance to a new level. For example, Antoine Griezmann has become a top player in the French national team, as well as a world football star. Artem Dzyuba was one of the breakthrough stars of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the best in winning air single combat.
InStat is a partner for the fourth season of the Association of Bulgarian Footballers in the ranking "Best Footballer of the Season" and "Best Footballer of the Month" according to the statistics from the InStat Index.