29 Ноември 2021

The sports broadcasting landscape is changing. So are the fans’ habits. More and more people choose to watch sports via the internet. With a mission to become a global place to watch live sports, we have launched our own OTT platform. Setting out on this no easy journey we wanted to give more exposure to not so widely known and popular yet intriguing and enjoyable leagues by making them easily available and, what’s more, affordable.
InStat TV is more than just sports streaming - it is a unique fan experience and easy interaction with the game:
Simply type the name of the tournament you would like to follow and add it to favourites. Similarly, you can search and bookmark teams and players.
But what really makes InStat TV stand out from other service providers is a unique set of playlists that will suit any need or taste:
- Not only will the fans enjoy InStat’s original stats but they will also have access to various playlists right after the final whistle has been blown: full game, ball in play, highlights, or a specific player’s actions
- Multiple subscription plans allow our viewers to choose the best package for their specific needs: pay-per-view, team/league pass
- If you are pressed for time you might want to focus on what's most important with the "ball-in-play" mode
- Relive the best episodes of the game with InStat highlights
- Focus on goals only for easy entertainment
- If you're following a particular player, individual playlists will come in handy
- Can't watch the game live? Save it for later and make good use of the "Hide Score" feature to keep up the suspense
- The actions tab will help you navigate the main events of the match in a timeline format: shots, goals, fouls, substitutions and more;
Buckle up and enjoy the action with InStat TV!
Watch the Russian Futsal Superleague on InStat TV