ABF awarded the best young players for 2017


21 Ноември 2017

The ABF celebrated the 18th edition of its Children and Football Program with a traditional award ceremony.
Since 1998 the ABF organises the Children and Football program as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.
For these 18 years it has been organised over 350 tournaments all over the country involving more than 90,000 children from 10 to 14 years. The goal of this national project is to get children to play football and to prevent them taking the wrong turn in life. To teach them the importance of team work, and the determination to achieve their goals, and so, in some way to protect them from the distractions of growing up. All children participants in the tournaments are rewarded with full football equipment, balls and other sport kits. They play at the official stadiums used by professional clubs and the tournaments are attended by current and former Bulgarian football stars.
Following its dedication on promoting women's football, this year ABF organized 3 football tournaments for girls, as a part of the Children and Football program. Last year, in 2016, were organised the first 2 football tournaments for girls, part of the National program.
During this year's ceremony were awarded 14 boys and 3 girls for their talent and best performance at the football pitch.

"I wish you to develop your talent further and achieve the national team. But for this you should work hard”, said the ABF president Doncho Donev.

The young talents were handed out trophies by the ABF president Doncho Donev, the football players of Levski Roman Procházka and Bozhidar Mitrev, the players

of CSKA Fernando Karanga and Bozhidar Chorbadzhiyski, the assistant coach of the Bulgarian national team Georgi Donkov, the well-renowned footballers Emil Kostadinov and Hristo Yovov and the best female football player Sylvia Radoyska.