First seminar for the captains of the female football teams


05 Октомври 2017

Last Tuesday, 3rd October, the ABF has organised the first seminar for the captains of the female football teams. The meeting was attended by all the captains of the eleven teams which take part in the Women's Football Championship for season 2017/2018.

Together with the female players, the ABF had a very enthusiastic one-day discussion about the conditions which they have when playing football in Bulgaria - locker-rooms, training facilities and the quality of the football pitches.

Similarly to the male players, a Council of the captains was elected - the specific structure within the ABF is already available for women. It is a tool for immediate access to the (female) players through the Council of Captains when locker-room meetings are not scheduled for the specific period.
Education and the cooperation with universities and language schools was another topic which was discussed.

The seminar ended with a meeting with the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Football Federation - Borislav Popov who came to meet the female players. He was provided with a summary of the main issues discussed and gave the floor to the female players for questions.

As agreed during the seminar, the ABF will draw up an action plan to address the problems which were identidied.